“Amy’s visionary leadership and authentic coaching practices allow her to successfully get the best from teams of both new and seasoned professionals. She was brought into the company to build the Sales Operations function from the ground up, and she successfully created and nurtured a highly productive team that has accomplished a tremendous amount in a very short time. Under her leadership, we have been able to establish enterprise best practices with improved technology, processes and programs, while in the midst of an organization facing significant change. I enjoy working for her and am grateful for the opportunity to benefit from her personal and business mentorship.” – Tanya Reynolds, Marketing, Communications and Sales Enablement Leader

“Amy is an exceptional sales leader who I had the opportunity to closely work with, both as a colleague as well as my customer. I was very impressed with her deep knowledge about sales operations and her excellent understanding of leveraging technology solutions to run them efficiently and effectively. After joining Rovi as the sales operations leader, I saw a major shift within the sales organization because of Amy; she was instrumental in driving transformational change through automation, process, and building a high performing global teams. As a sales operations leader, she earned the highest respect because of her caring nature and focus on people and culture while still driving business results. As my customer, Amy was deeply engaged in ensuring high adoption and value realization for the Apttus solutions. Amy is also a great motivational public speaker whose style is captivating for the audience and she has been invited to speak at numerous conferences, along with speakers like Jay Leno.” – Ray Mitra, Customer Success & Business

“Thank you Amy for taking the time out of your busy schedule yesterday to come and listen to my Intern Presentation. I have had an amazing experience so far and being able to meet, work with, and learn from individuals like yourself has contributed immensely to my development and the meaning that my work has here. You have acted as an inspiration and a perfect example of what a great leader looks like. For you to take time out of your day and hear about what us sales interns are up to speaks volumes to your investment in us and in the future of the organization. I look forward to the last three weeks of my summer where I plan on continuing to learn benefit from the great culture that I have experienced here. Thank you!” – Palo Alto Networks Summer Intern

“Amy’s leadership style includes the attributes of customer centricity, service and humanity. With laser focus on meeting sales goals and objectives, she does so by focusing first on the customer developing long-term equity that leads to more sales opportunity. She takes a service approach to her people focusing on how she can help and remove barriers to enable success. Finally, she recognizes that her team members require individual approaches and adjusts her communication style to bring the best out of everyone.” – Melissa Chyba, Cross-Channel Marketing & Big Data Expert

“Genuine, Authentic, Hard Working and Full of Positive Energy! That is what describes Amy best. She leads and coaches with her heart, mind, and soul. Amy is amazing at helping raise your awareness to a higher level, thus bringing clarity and grounding through her leadership and coaching. By incorporating compassion and logic in an incredible harmony, Amy makes you feel immediately understood, and as a result you have the right space to grow and flourish.” – Ledi, Sales Professional, Bay Area, CA

“Amy Slater is a strategic, authentic and passionate leader. She has consistently built best-in-class teams that create tremendous success for her companies. Her passion is in enabling companies and people to achieve their fullest potential and connecting with the customer. She combines innovation and approachability. If all of that were not enough, she is a wonderful person, great communicator and inspiring author.” – Brandon Maslan, Executive Advisor, Coach and Corporate Training Specialist

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Amy since her time as a Vice President of Sales at Salesforce.com. As a customer, I felt that she had a keen eye for customer satisfaction, sales strategy and business transformation. She wasn’t about closing the business for business’s sake rather she was more interested in addressing our business challenges. Her leadership and insight are unique as she has seen business from both the sales side as well as the operations side. If you are a company looking for sales transformation, strategy, and inspiration, Amy is your ticket!”  Joe Young, President at AmTrust Agriculture Insurance Services

“Amy, your insights on women in business and the importance of building sustainable connections was very valuable to me. I admire you for paving your own path while not straying from your core beliefs, and your ability to build your ‘individual brand’. I interact with a multitude of growing companies each day, including my own, so I can appreciate the time and energy it takes to build something others will see value in. I look forward to staying in touch and truly appreciate your time in providing me great advice in business and life.” – Kayley Carswell, Chicago Sales Manager, Level One

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a local group of seventh and eighth grade students about leadership. I was so touched to receive this thoughtful thank you note (at left, click it to read the full letter). It proves the fact that it is never too early to grow future leaders!



“Moments is a must read for anyone looking to overcome obstacles!” – Douglas Wick, Academy Award Winning Producer

“Honest, sincere and beautifully written, Amy Slater’s stories touch the heart and inspire the spirit. A storyteller myself, I was charmed by Amy’s anecdotes; they make living an authentic and spiritual life a present reality for inquiring readers on the path of self-discovery and personal growth. As the title suggests, there’s a bit of magic in this book called Moments.” – Maura Sweeney, Author, International Speaker, Ambassador of Happiness

“In Amy Van Atta Slater’s new book titled, Moments: Magic, Miracles, and Martinis, Amy openly and authentically chronicles her life in bite sized pieces making it easy for any reader to digest. Insightful and empowering, Moments inspires you to push forward and beyond, to look for the affirmative in life and eradicate the negative. I highly recommend Moments: Magic, Miracles, and Martinis, it packs a positive punch.” – Karen Finocchio, One Tough Muther

“Amy Slater is a model of positivity, authenticity, and personal transformation. Her stories will inspire you to move beyond your own fears and uncertainty. Each page of Moments will touch your heart and soul. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.” – Chris Dorris, Mental Toughness Trainer and Personal Transformation Coach

“Amy’s vulnerability, passion, and resilience is inspiring. She captures the truth and reality of life, while providing essential tools for growth and healing.” – Alexa Servodidio, LCSW, TV & Radio Host and Author

“Amy inspires and reminds us that the seeds of wisdom to deal with life’s many curveballs all lie within us. She gives us a new word, thinkronicity, to realize the power of our thoughts to change our path.” – Natasha Leger, Keynote Speaker, Author of Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy

“Amy’s book is a MUST READ! Who was it that first said ‘Do you believe in Magic?’ I think it goes back to the Garden of Eden. Well, Amy’s book ‘Moments: Magic, Miracles, and Martinis’ will make your garden come alive again with all of the extraordinary Moments of your life spotlighted by Miracles and celebrated with happy sips of Martinis! You have to read Amy’s book… it will make you a believer in your own precious life Moments again!” – Al Cole, CBS Radio, Host of the syndicated talk show “People of Distinction”


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