Amy is a memorable, motivational, high-energy speaker with unique topics and extensive expertise.
She is a woman and talent that you definitely want on your stage!

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I am an inspirational, professional keynote speaker who delivers info-packed, motivational, educational, and entertaining speeches for corporate groups, corporate events, conferences, and more. My clients appreciate that I invest the time in tailoring speeches to the audience, situation and/or event agenda. All of my topics share ONE common goal: To inspire leaders and employees, of all generations, to better understand themselves and others to create a more positive and productive workforce

Here is a snapshot of my unique topics and an overview of three of my most popular talks.

– Understanding Sales from the Customer’s Point of View
– Scaling Global Teams through People, Process and Technology
– Empathic Leadership as a Source of Employee Motivation and Retention
– Women in Business: Owning Your Own Voice
– The Power of Human Connections and Meaningful Networking

 – The Art Of Social Selling: To Sell Is Still Human
After years of being in sales, I moved over to the “other side of the table” to become a customer. I will share my lessons learned and insights on the real customer experience and how salespeople can leverage social selling to better engage with your customers rather than alienate them. Ultimately, richer engagement will lead to higher sales rep productivity and sustainable customer loyalty.

 – How To Leverage Positive Mindset And Enhance Corporate Culture
Here I bring together the concept of “Living Above the O Line” or the line of observation. I discuss how important it is to instill positive thinking in the workplace to drive innovation, creativity, and employee productivity. Ultimately, this leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

 – The Power Of Your Personal Brand Is Up To You
This talk will inspire and  motivate employees from all generations, at all levels, to be more accountable and improve their leadership skills by focusing on their Personal Brand at work. A focus of this discussion is centered on positive thinking and building sustainable connections and networks.


LinkedIn Real Sales Campaign – The idea behind the campaign is that the sales industry is misrepresented and misunderstood so LinkedIn is showcasing the “Real Faces of Sales” to raise true awareness of the sales profession. Here is the link to the campaign website to learn more – Lnkd.In/RealSales

LinkedIn Sales Connect – The Other Side of the Table: To Sell is Still Human. On stage at the 2016 LinkedIn “Sales Connect” Conference. CLICK the video above to watch.

Univera 2017 – On stage at Fremont Studios in Seattle. This keynote event was so much fun and I was honored to be a part of it in July of 2017. We were talking life, leadership, and learning!

Unleash 2018 – Say Hello to Amy Slater

Unleash 2018 – Highlights from the event!

LinkedIn 2017 – Very proud and honored to be a part of this great event. On stage in San Francisco at The Executive Sales Forum for LinkedIn.

FOX News Morning Blend – Morning TV lifestyle show, this interview was part of the press tour for my book Moments. Click the video above to watch.

Women In Tech Podcast – Talking with Co-Founder Nick Saponaro about women in blockchain and crypto – October 2019.

The Illuminated Garden – Interviewed by Dino Viper at Dreamtime Entertainment Studios. This interview was part of the press tour for my book Moments. Click the video above to watch.

The Whitney Reynolds Show, PBS Chicago – April 2019


Reach out to me by any of the links or buttons below. I would love to connect, have a conversation, and see how we can work together in a great way that would benefit both of us. Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to hearing from you soon! ~Amy