It seems almost trite to be writing a blog at the beginning of the new year to talk about everything that I have done in 2016 and plan to do in 2017. However, it is a tradition, after all. I re-read my blog from this time last year as I was setting out on that journey. I wrote of my pending 50th birthday and the anticipation of the publication of my first book. Those are all behind me now. I am days away from my 51st birthday and have just launched my new business. Where does the time go?

I no longer make a list of resolutions. The difference now is that I set intentions of what is to come. I decide. I choose. I decide what I am going to do. I tell people, or declare, what it is that I am going to do. Then, the hardest part of all is doing what it takes to make magic happen. The best part is that often when we set intentions, we can accomplish so much simply by allowing ourselves the freedom to make mistakes while in that action state.

My word of intention for 2017 is TRUST. I set this intention on December 31, 2016. Within the last 24 hours, trust has shown up in many ways. It is truly magical. Every conversation seamlessly unfolds in to a discussion of trust and what it means to be trusted, trustworthy and honest. Whether you are selling, buying, parenting or simply just being, seeds of trust must be planted to nurture long term relationships.

Cheers to trust! Cheers to 2017!

What is your word for 2017?