What Does it Take to Find Your Purpose?

It has been 10 months since joining the world of entrepreneurship, and I find myself sitting in my newly transformed home office in a place of reflection. I have spent over 25 years working in high tech sales and sales leadership. In those 25 years, I worked for some of the greatest brands in America: [...]

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Practice What You Preach

  Today was one of those days. I was awake early, as usual, and I felt my heart race with a subtle flutter of anxiety. Typically, this anxiety shows up on Monday morning when I am getting charged up for the week ahead. Yet today is Wednesday. I had to ask myself why. Upon quick [...]

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Better Together – FitKit

Today, I am honored to share the second interview of my monthly series... What it Means to be an Entrepreneur in 2017. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the co-founders of FitKit. The company markets both direct to consumer as well as to businesses across the globe. FitKit offers employers an affordable corporate fitness [...]

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New Year – Decide. Declare. Do What it Takes

It seems almost trite to be writing a blog at the beginning of the new year to talk about everything that I have done in 2016 and plan to do in 2017. However, it is a tradition, after all. I re-read my blog from this time last year as I was setting out on that journey. [...]

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Let The Sunshine In

It is one of those days. You know those days when despite all of the positive experiences and emotions, you just don't feel right. Today is that day for me. Following the publishing of my book just three months ago, I feel so grateful to the universe for bringing incredible people in to my life. [...]

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Hope As The Antidote To Fear

This afternoon, I had one of those "Ah-ha" moments. I was on the phone with one of my coaches, and we were talking about what outcome or purpose I am striving for through my book and personal messaging. It struck me that I have been having numerous conversations around fear and the impact that fear [...]

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