It is one of those days. You know those days when despite all of the positive experiences and emotions, you just don’t feel right. Today is that day for me. Following the publishing of my book just three months ago, I feel so grateful to the universe for bringing incredible people in to my life. I am meeting people that I would never have come into contact with had it not been for my journey within. That is all good, right

Right, but. But, why is it that this vulnerable place is so frightening? Fear has a way of sneaking in to the cracks in my armor and spreading like a virus through my veins. What is going on? Like the turtle who I love so much, I want to pull my head back into my shell and turn back the clock. Where can I hide? Yet, it is too late. I am out of my shell; I am out from behind the wall of shame and perfection. Oh crap. I can’t go back. Once you see you can never “unsee.” In the shell, however, it is dark, lonely and awfully quiet except for the thoughts of self-doubt banging around in my head

For hours this morning, I chose to be in this dark place. After making an SOS call to a friend, he helped me take a deep breath. He reminded me that the light starts with me and that I have to remember that I set the universe in motion to create all of this amazing energy. It is indeed overwhelming, but it is actually my life’s purpose to be here and be vulnerable. I am here to share my stories with others who may be feeling exactly the same way.

The moral of the story is to “Let the Sunshine In.” While it may seem safer and more protected in the darkness, it is lonely and cold. May the sunshine flood the darkness and help you CHOOSE  light instead of the darkness. Let’s go make a little magic!

With magic and miracles,