Today was one of those days. I was awake early, as usual, and I felt my heart race with a subtle flutter of anxiety. Typically, this anxiety shows up on Monday morning when I am getting charged up for the week ahead. Yet today is Wednesday. I had to ask myself why.

Upon quick reflection, I realized that I am roughly six months in to running my own business. I had this pit in my stomach as I wondered if I am doing the right thing. I am busy with clients that I enjoy, and I am meeting fascinating people in all aspects of my life. From where was this self-doubt coming? As I sat up in bed, I took a deep breath and remembered what I wrote about in my book, Moments. Magic, Miracles, and Martinis. How to Move Forward in Times of Uncertainty. Each chapter of my book answers the question: how do I move forward? I wrote about it, but what exactly am I doing to put my own advice into practice?

The list of chapter titles below helped me transform my mindset to “begin again.”

  • Cry
  • Stop Complaining
  • Slow Down
  • Be Authentic
  • Declare. Do What it Takes
  • Be the Change
  • Let it Go
  • Heal from the Inside Out
  • Find Magic
  • Choose Gratitude
  • Love Unconditionally
  • Stand for Something
  • Move Toward

The last step is one of the most important ones when faced with uncertainty. I wasn’t sure how my day was going to unfold, and I was letting fear paralyze me. Once I “decided” to begin again, I got out of bed and dressed for the gym. Despite being tired, I knew that if I took one step forward, I would be on my way. From there, I ended up having a magical day filled with connecting with new colleagues and meeting up with old friends to discuss new business ideas. I just as easily could have decided to stay in bed and let my uncertainty trap me in a vicious cycle of fear.

When I parked my car in the lot for lunch, the valet attendant found me a special spot right in the front as he proclaimed with a huge smile, “today is your lucky day!” My reply was, “you have no idea, and you just made it that much luckier!” The moral of the story is that in a single moment, you alone have the power to change the trajectory of your day. Go for it!