Overcoming Fear – Everyone Needs a Little PLC

Yesterday, while coaching one of my executive clients, we began to speak about what it feels like to walk into a meeting that has an open agenda. The premise might be that it is a planning meeting, but without any other guidelines or framework there is a risk that the meeting will dive down into [...]

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Practice What You Preach

  Today was one of those days. I was awake early, as usual, and I felt my heart race with a subtle flutter of anxiety. Typically, this anxiety shows up on Monday morning when I am getting charged up for the week ahead. Yet today is Wednesday. I had to ask myself why. Upon quick [...]

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The True Human Connection

  As I sit at my desk preparing for the presentation of a lifetime, I reflect on what I have done in the past to pull together an inspiring and memorable talk. The elements are consistent independent of the content you are creating. Today, I am writing what will be the opening monologue for my [...]

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Hanging in the Balance

Do you ever ask yourself if you are doing all that you can mentally, spiritually, and physically? This weekend I realized that perhaps I have been out of balance. Over the last several years, I have been laser focused on my mental and spiritual growth. Never have I felt so sure about the path that [...]

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Talking to Strangers

When I was a child, I remember always hearing parents tell their kids, “when you are out, don’t talk to strangers. It is dangerous.” I can appreciate that point of view as I am a mother of three daughters, and I am always concerned with their safety. However, now that I am older and I [...]

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The 24 Hour Challenge

Stop Complaining!! Go 24 hours without complaining (not even once). Then, watch how your life starts changing. –Katrina Mayer Not long after the vulnerability wrecking ball knocked down the concrete wall around my soul, I was blessed with another close encounter of a new dimension. Raw and exposed, I felt that my awareness was at [...]

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Life Is A Jungle Gym

Do you ever have one of those weeks when nothing seems to make you happy? Well, this must be my week. It is often hard for me to share that life isn't always "magic and miracles" because then I feel like a fraud. But, truth be told, I have hard days, too.  I cannot point [...]

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