I just returned from my one-week business trip to New York. I am constantly amazed at how many incredible people you can meet in such a short period of time when you open your mind and your heart and let the light in. The possibilities are infinite!

On my first day, I walked from the hotel to the office in unseasonably warm and gentle New York weather. Before getting to the office, I made a quick stop at the Café next door. The Tasty Café on Madison Avenue was bustling with bright lights and welcoming smiles on the faces of its employees. I was instantly happy to be there and their greetings energized me. It’s strange to be shocked when you receive such gracious service. Service is everything!

We chatted as I ordered my coffee and quickly exchanged names. When I went back for lunch that day, they greeted me by name. They see hundreds of people every day, and they took the extra effort to greet me by name. How often do you notice people rushing through life staring down at their phones and NOT noticing people? In many situations, I believe we have become numb to human interaction. We must change this.

So, my challenge to you is to look up when you’re walking to lunch, to the car, or just out to get fresh air. Smile; say hello; exchange greetings. You just never know the magic that we will create. Go ahead, I dare you!