Do you ever have one of those weeks when nothing seems to make you happy? Well, this must be my week. It is often hard for me to share that life isn’t always “magic and miracles” because then I feel like a fraud. But, truth be told, I have hard days, too. 

I cannot point to any one thing that has my mind in a knot rather it is just an overall dull feeling. Clouded by this feeling for the entire week, I decided to take a walk early this morning to sort it all out. On my walk to the park in the picture above, I reflected on all of the amazing gifts that I have been blessed with in this life. I have three incredible daughters who, for the first time in many months, are all under the same roof. In addition to these three, I have wonderful friends who support me in every possible way.

My journey as an author is exciting and has connected me with people that I never would have known. In the coming weeks, I will be doing speaking engagements, book signings and heading out for a week long vacation. I have a full time job that is challenging and keeps my mind active in so many ways. So, I ask myself, what is it that has me in this blah space?

I slowly sat down on a warn, wooden bench in the park with the California sun shining in my face (it was before 8am). Who would have thought that I would need my sunglasses this early in the morning, but I did come prepared just in case. As I sat there, I closed my eyes and listened to 100 Affirmations in 5 minutes that I had on my iPhone. The affirmations were about being good enough, that I am loved and doing the best that I can. Slowly, my mind began to unwind as I took very purposeful deep breaths. I realized in that moment that it is okay to feel overwhelmed and reminded myself that I do not have to do everything perfectly. I took my own advice and DECIDED to change my mindset and to SLOW DOWN.

Following this brief journey inward, my mind felt a little lighter, and I began the uphill walk home. Life is a jungle gym with many hurdles to climb. It takes courage to swing from one bar to the next and there is always a risk of falling. When in doubt, pause before you leap and know that there is no rush to get to the other side.

Magic and miracles,