Returning from a week away is never easy. On my flight home from Florida, I came down with a fever and chills. Nothing like a rude re-entry. Somehow, however, I was at peace with it. My week in Florida was everything a vacation should be… a time to recharge, reflect and relax. So often I have come back from vacation needing a vacation because I tried to do too much. Typically, I stay over connected to work via phone and email, and I do not truly cut the cord. 

This trip was different, and I am still trying to put my finger on it. I went on vacation and kept on living life but at a slower pace. I set aside my work for 7 days and lived in the moment. I spent mornings and evenings watching the sunrise and sunset. These are all things that I can also do at home. I drank coffee in bed and listened to the birds outside my window. I can also do this at home. I even went to the grocery store more than once which is something I typically dread when I am at home. But somehow, on “vacation” I was able to dial back the energy and enjoy those simple things life puts before me each day.

My vacation wasn’t about loading up the day with a long list of things to do and see. Instead, it was about living, I mean really living, and breathing in every moment that I was there. I have decided that life can be a vacation each day as long as I remember to slow down enough to appreciate the spaces in between.